Road Test Failure Rates by Ontario City

G Road Test in Ontario

G Road Test in Ontario

Are you thinking of giving your G road test in Ontario?

That’s great. Well, have you decided which city your G road test in Ontario is going to be in? The obvious answer should be the city or town you’re from. However, different areas have their own passing and failure rates. Depends on a lot of factors like how busy the highways are, how strict the examiners are and so on. That’s why we have created this website so it can help users like yourself to find out what the failure rates for different test centres are.

You can see see that Espanola, Ontario has the lowest failure rate to obtain a G licence amongst all the drive test centres in Ontario. Espanola, Ontario stands at only 7% failure rate for G licence. If you ask me that’s very low. So, for someone who’s close to Espanola and if you still have a drive test centre in your own area, it’d be a wise decision to try Espanola. Just because the odds of passing are higher.

On the other hand, Etobicoke has the highest failure rate to obtain a G licence amongst all the drive test centres in Ontario. The failure rate to obtain a G licence in Etobicoke is 47%. That means, statistically speaking, if you’re going to do your G road test in Etobicoke, there’s almost half the chance that you’re going to fail. That’s pretty bad odds I would say.


I would just like to make it clear that I don’t have anything against any particular drive test centres. The purpose of this website is just to help people know some numbers for the drive test centre they’re going to do their road test on. People have the right to information and we’ve just made it more accessible for them. Thank you for visiting our website and leave comments below to express your thoughts.

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